About Us


With over 25 years in the real estate sector, we understand the changing aspects of the property world.

We offer an extensive marketing approach, utilising the property portals, our local and international networks, relocation specialists and social media.

Our service is customised around your needs. Whether you are looking to place a tenant, needing someone to look after your home while you are abroad, adding to your property portfolio, or just looking for an honest appraisal of your properties - we would love to help.

We are affiliated with the top eviction attorneys in the country. Our lease has been drafted with the CPA, Rental Housing Act and all relevant legal requirements in mind.

We pride ourselves in placing only the best calibre of tenant for your property. Our scrutiny process is intensive, with credit vetting through the credit bureaus and home affairs and previous landlords. We confirm employment and verify references.

We also profile our tenants during the currency of the lease, therefore managing the risk during the process.


  • Extensive marketing.
  • Credit vetting to establish the credit profile and rating.
  • ID verification to safeguard identity theft and confirm that the person says they are who they say they are.
  • Employment confirmation to ensure they are able to financially fulfill their obligations in terms of the lease. Copies of salary slips to verify earning.
  • Reference checks with other account holders and landlords to confirm the quality of the tenants.
  • Cross referencing earning against bank statements and to also the credit worthiness in the management of their bank statement.
  • Facilitate a detailed, photographic ingoing inspection to ascertain the condition of the property at the time of the tenant moving in, detailing any defects, which could cause issues at the end of the lease. On termination of the lease an outgoing inspection will be conducted to determine any damages to be deducted from the deposit.
  • The deposit is invested in an interest-bearing trust account, interest accruing to the tenant.


Placement of a tenant - 8% plus VAT on the value of the lease. We attend to all of the services above.

Management of the lease - 6% plus VAT, monthly on the rental collected. We attend to all the services above, and invoice the tenant on a monthly basis, pay over the rent to the owner, attend to all the repairs (at the owner or tenants cost), issue a letter of demand and handle cancellation of lease.

Short term/holiday rentals - 20% plus VAT of the holiday booking. Co-ordinate the cleaning and key handover.

Inspections - Price on request, pricing based on property size and inspection required

Absentee homeowner, project management and renovations - overseeing contractors at the property, payment of staff and property related bills, preparing your home for your return. Price on request.

* The information is subject to change and is only finalised on a signed mandate or email instruction.